For quite a while my obsessive attachment to my iphone has been bugging me, together with much of the UK population if you believe the press. But these days our lives are on our phones, connections to loved ones, minute by minute news updates, facebook posts from friends, associates and people I am never likely to meet, the weather, emails, my personal music supply……… These are just some of my addictions, I’m sure you will know what your personal preoccupations are.
Yesterday (Sunday) I decided enough was enough. I had my husband and father safely with me, knew exactly where my daughters were, surely I could risk going off line for a day? So I did. Very quietly, no fuss, I didn’t even mention it to my family, I just turned off my phone first thing in the morning and didn’t switch it back on all day. And the beauty was I didn’t miss it. I wasn’t tempted to put it back on at any stage and I felt a little lighter, a little freer, no need to quickly check my phone each time I passed through the kitchen, no concern about what else was going on in the world, no need to obsessively keep taking my mind away from the present moment.
I must admit I was updated on the final score of the World Cup – but I could have lived without this. And I was comforted with the reassuring knowledge that during the day Trump was going to leave the United Kingdom, but I didn’t need to be updated on the exact moment that happened.
Sunday was a little slower, a little more about the people I was spending the day with and definitely more spent in the present moment. And I had the best night’s sleep I have had in a while. I wasn’t even in a rush to switch the phone on again today. I invite you to try it. It might even become your new addiction.

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