We are currently being blessed with some beautiful autumn weather, the skies are blue, the trees are a riot of colour and although it is cold it can be a real delight to get outside and appreciate the very best of what our beautiful Lancashire countryside has to offer.

If you are getting out, see if you can make your walk even more special by spending some time mindfully switching out of your busy thinking mind and spending some time just being in the moment and sensing the world around you, moment by moment. Here are some tips to get you started on your mindful walk.

  • Take your awareness to the feeling and sound of the crunchy autumn leaves below your feet
  • Really look at the rich kaleidoscope of colours the trees are displaying
  • Notice the sunlight shining though the leaves and bare branches
  • Stop and look at the sky
  • Notice the birds, watch the wispy clouds drifting across the blue sky
  • Hear the bird song
  • Smell the air
  • Notice the cold air in your nostrils and feel the cool air and the warmer sun on your skin

Take a few minutes just to notice these things and enjoy being with the sensations, with out thinking about them, analysing them or comparing them to other experiences in your past. Now notice how you feel. Are you more relaxed? A tiny bit happier? More grateful? Enjoy your walk!

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