Science and mindfulness teach us that our minds and bodies are intimately linked. What we feel in our body can be heavily influenced by our the thoughts. This also works the other way around. Even small changes in our body can bring significant shifts to our thoughts and moods.

Why Not Try This?

Here is something to try out. Next time you feel your mind being hijacked by an unwelcome thought or mood. Place a big smile on your face, then notice any subtle changes that appear in your thoughts and feelings. If there is someone else around, gift a smile to another person. Even strangers will nearly always smile back as smiles are infectious, and receiving a smile back from a stranger will reinforce the positive changes that you are beginning to notice in your mood.

There is a lot going on in this small exchange of smiles but you don’t need to understand all the research to experience the uplifting joy that comes from smiling. So during the next few weeks experiment with smiling. It would be lovely to hear a little about what you notice.

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