Participants on my 8 weeks Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress course are often surprised by how much content there is and by just how much they learn across the 8 weeks. At the end of the course the most common comment goes something like this “Everyone should be taught this stuff, we should teach it to all children in schools.” So I thought I would share a little of what the course is about.

Learn how to meditate.

During the course you will learn to meditate. Mediating is much simpler than most people think and learning in a small group with a supportive teacher is a great place to begin. Pretty much most people can learn to meditate, I certainly haven’t had anyone come a long to a session who hasn’t grasped the basics and noticed real benefits in their life.

Meditation benefits us in so many ways there is not space here to go into all the details and the theory. In a nut shell meditation teaches our brain to be more focused (something we all need in this fast paced 24/7 world). It also teaches our brain to be more aware of what is happening to us moment by moment so we notice stress building much sooner and are equipped to take early action to reduce it. Finally this all adds up to meditation teaching our brain to spend more time focused in the present, rather than worrying endlessly about the past or fretting about what it tells itself might happen in the future.

The joy of modern science is that we now know this to be true. Brain scans reveal that meditation makes real changes to the structure of the brain, calming the areas associated with anxiety and worry and that these changes can start to be seen in as little as 8 weeks.

Is it just meditation?

The course is about so much more than leaning about meditation. Each week there is a different topic taught and each topic builds on what has been learnt in the previous weeks so there is a feeling of natural flow. Before you know it you will notice a new outlook to life developing as you learn about what makes us stressed and what control we have over that. Working with our thoughts and working with difficult experiences. Noticing and appreciating the good things in our lives and how to be kinder to ourselves and others. At the end of the course you develop a plan to carry the lessons learnt forwards into the rest of your life.

What benefits do participants notice?

After a few weeks of attending the classes, practising the meditations at home and trying out some of the mindfulness in daily life exercise that are set each week, participants start to notice subtle but hugely valuable changes in their daily lives. They find they are spending less time over thinking and worrying. They notice they are thinking more before they respond to a stressful situation or conversation and as a result are able to choose wiser responses which make their life easier, happier and more fulfilling. They start to find a better balance in their lives and notice and appreciate more of the good things around them that they had previously taken for granted. Participants also start to get better at being kind to themselves and making time for self care which for many people can be quite trans-formative. Over time all these small changes add up to make a real change to participants’ lives and everyone is always sad when the 8 weeks comes to an end.

Mindfulness Lessons in Chorley

I will be teaching an 8 week Mindfulness for Stress course in Chorley on Tuesday evenings 6.30 pm – 9.00 pm starting Tuesday 30th April. If you would like to know more or sign up for the course please email me at or call me on 07841 450657. If these lessons are not convenient for you I also teach mindfulness one-to-one or to small groups of friends, so please get in touch if you think this might be a good alternative for you.

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