Today I have spent time supporting a few friends and clients who are anxious about health, finances and the uncertainty of the current situation. There is one thing for sure, these are unprecedented and very difficult times for all our us. I thought I would share a little of what we have talked about.

As human beings we often do not like change. The thing we like even less than change is uncertainty and at the moment we find ourselves in a situation of rapid change and enormous uncertainty. Often the thing that causes us the greatest pain is trying to make big decisions about what to do and projecting forwards and worrying about what the future might hold.

This week people are trying to make decisions about the future that are really not possible to make. We do not have enough information, the government have not released full details of financial support and we do not know what we will be allowed to do or not do in a weeks time. Often the best cause of action is just to wait, accept that this difficult situation is here and in time, with a better perspective on the emerging situation, the best cause of action will become much clearer.

Instead of agonising over the things we are not yet able to decide about, focus on the things we are able to action on. Take practical steps to organise our homes for home working or home schooling maybe, taking steps to optimise our health, eating well, developing a new home exercise routine, drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of sleep and meditating daily. Check in with family, friends and neighbours to see if they are alright and take any practical steps we are able to at this time to support our financial future, talk to your mortgage company if you need to, reduce your out goings, different unique steps for different unique people. All of these things are positive actions which will help us feel calmer as we begin to take a small bit of control back over out shattered lives.

Projecting forwards is also not helpful, although very understandable. Whatever we image, whatever the stories we tell ourselves about our future are, they are almost certainly never going to come true in the way we tell them to ourselves. Stuff will happen, but no doubt it will be different to what we are imagining. What then is the point of spending so much time worrying about a future we do not yet know about and creating so much additional pain and suffering for ourselves. Try instead to stay in the present moment, breath and calm and then focus again on the positive steps we can take today.

If you find yourself struggling with the anxiety, worry and the uncertainty of the situation and you feel a one to one mindfulness session via facetime might be beneficial I am happy to offer this to you free of charge. In these difficult times I believe we all should do what we can to support each other and it would be my honour to provide a little support to you.

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