Why Mindfulness?

My name is Sue Sharp, I am the owner of Planting Acorns and I teach all the mindfulness sessions we deliver. I am a fully trained mindfulness teacher, having trained with Breathworks to teach both their Mindfulness for Stress and their Mindfulness for Health Courses.
I spent much of my career working in marketing, firstly in industry, where I worked as a marketing director, before running my own marketing consultancy for 10 years. I discovered mindfulness whilst running my own business and began exploring it out of curiosity. I was quickly surprised by the multitude of benefits I saw emerging in, what to be fair, was already a relatively good and happy life. As the focus, calmness, rationality and joy grew I became more and more interested in the benefits that mindfulness could bring and I met people who had radically changed and improved their lives through mindfulness.
Eventually I decided there was nothing more fulfilling that I could do than help other people discover the benefits of mindfulness for themselves, so I closed my consultancy business and began the process of training with Breathworks to become a mindfulness teacher.

Why Planting Acorns?

After weeks of agony over what to call my new business, Planting Acorns began to feel more and more in-tune with what I was setting out to do. I can’t change your life, your relationships and your day to day to day experience and happiness, only you can do that……. But I can help you plant the seeds, and if you are prepared to put in the practice, day by day, nurturing those seeds I have experienced again and again how people grow stronger, more content, more fulfilled and more in control of their lives. I invite you to plant those seeds and experience the magic of mindfulness.

Why Breathworks?

Breathworks mindfulness training is based on the experience of Vidyamala Burch who sustained a severe spinal injury in 1976 when she was sixteen, leading to multiple surgeries and partial paraplegia. Over 27 years ago she began exploring mindfulness and meditation to manage her persistent pain and in 2001 wondered if she could share these life-changing skills with others who were suffering from pain, stress or illness. From there Breathworks was born, Vidyamala is still very active in Breathworks, and she is an accomplished author having published several highly acclaimed mindfulness books.
Today Breathworks train their teachers to deliver 2 mindfulness courses, Mindfulness for Stress and Mindfulness for Health.

Mindfulness for Stress Course

Mindfulness for Health Course

Whats on Dates and Times

Please get in touch with any questions at all sue@plantingacorns.co.uk or call 07841 450657

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