If you would prefer to have mindfulness and meditation lessons on a one to one basis rather than in a group setting please get in touch. I can teach the Breathworks mindfulness courses on a one to one basis, or perhaps to you and a friend, or I can give you an introductory mindfulness lesson, teach you to meditation or tailor our mindfulness lessons to your particular life experiences.

Many people have read mindfulness books in the past but haven’t really managed to put it into practice on their own. Often people say ‘I can’t meditate, it isn’t for me!’

Well almost anyone can meditate with the right teacher and it is often a much simpler process than you first thought. So if you are interested in bringing more mindfulness into your life please get in touch to learn how mindfulness and meditation lessons can help you improve the daily quality of your life.

Please get in touch with any questions at all sue@plantingacorns.co.uk or call 07841 450657

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